Bolle Cobra (Clear)

Bolle Cobra (Clear)

The most important thing is that you get something that fits your head snugly, offers sufficient protection and that you're comfortable. Beyond that it's simply about choosing lens type (clear, yellow, or smoked).

Yellow lenses amplify ambient light, making it easier to see, however as it tints everything, colours can be harder to make out. Clear lenses offer a simple shield/barrier, and translate the image exactly as you'd normally see it. Smoked lenses offer protection from the sun, however as they limit the amount of light getting through, they are more difficult to see in low-light conditions

The Cobra's from Bollé are a hybrid of goggles & glasses; they sit close to the face offering superior field of vision, whilst simultaneously offering a full seal. This gives you all of the benefits of goggles, whilst offering many of the advantages of shooting glasses. Of course fogging is more of an issue, as there is not as much ventalation in these as a traditional pair of shooting glasses. As such it is absolutely critical to use good anti-fog such as the specially designed Swiss Arms anti-fog spray manufactured by Bollé.

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