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Helikon Ammo Bucket

The Helikon Ammo Bucket® is a simple, clever, and intuitive piece of range equipment. As the name im..


Helikon EDC Sling Pack

The EDC Sling pack from Helikon is truly a compact, versatile system. Designed to provide as much cu..


Helikon Urban Courier Bag

Urban Courier Bag® is a classic messenger bag, with features matching the day-to-day urban activitie..


Helikon Camp Cup

Large hard anodized aluminum cup that holds 0,85 liter. Works well with both gas fuel burners and op..


Helikon Camp Kettle

This simple bush craft kettle is made out of hard anodized aluminum that is lightweight but also ver..


Helikon Cougar Shark Skin Soft Shell

Cougar® Jacket is the next level of performance and functionality of UTL® upper apparel. Cougar® is ..


Helikon E&E Survival Pouch

A timeless classic based on a revised British Special Forces design. This large pouch holds survival..


Helikon Liberty Fleece

The Liberty fleece from Helikon is a heavy duty fleece jacket for cold environments, making it perfe..


Helikon Modular Individual Med Kit

Time and rescuers safety are what counts in first aid. Our Modular Individual Med Kit® combines a be..


Helikon-Tex Button Compass (Large)

When on the hostile ground, the proper navigation is a key when it comes to survival and evasion. Yo..


Helikon EDC Side Bag

EDC Side Bag is a compact, universal bag for everyday equipment. The bag has spacious main compartme..


Helikon Packcell Organiser

Super lightweight, packable Pakcells® are designed to help organize and store garments and gear whil..


Helikon Magnesium Fire Starter

Reliable in all weather conditions, flint and magnesium firestarter, used by the U.S. Army. Magnesiu..


Helikon Mess Tin (Stainless Steel)

Three-pieces mess tin which consists of: 1 liter (15 cm in diameter ) and 0.7 liters (13 cm in diam..


Helikon EDC Backpack

The Helikon EDC backpack is designed, as the name suggests, to carry our 'Every Day Carry' essential..