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Helikon 550 lbs Reflective Paracord

NATO Mil-Spec 550 lbs. Nylon cord, known also as Paracord. Strong and lasting – this cord is perfect..


Helikon Camp Cup

Large hard anodized aluminum cup that holds 0,85 liter. Works well with both gas fuel burners and op..


Helikon Camp Kettle

This simple bush craft kettle is made out of hard anodized aluminum that is lightweight but also ver..


Helikon Camping Cutlery (Set)

Four- piece KFS set is made of high quality electropolished stainless steel. Its made referred to th..


Helikon Field Towel

Made of microfiber, Field Towel is five times lighter than a regular towel. This fast drying and ext..


Helikon Magnesium Fire Starter

Reliable in all weather conditions, flint and magnesium firestarter, used by the U.S. Army. Magnesiu..


Helikon Mess Tin (Stainless Steel)

Three-pieces mess tin which consists of: 1 liter (15 cm in diameter ) and 0.7 liters (13 cm in diam..


Helikon Micro Cord (125ft)

Micro Cord (125ft) is a durable, approximately 38 meters long survival cord with a tensile strength ..


Helikon Nano Cord (300ft)

Nano Cord (300ft) is a durable, approximately 91 meters long survival cord with a tensile strength o..


Helikon Scout Fire Starter

Easy to use fire starter - just rub the surface to create many sparks burning at almost 1600°C. O..


Helikon Supertarp

We have created a universal shelter cape for bivouac-goers. 19 attachment points provides for about ..


Helikon Thermo Cup

With vacuum-insulated double walls and the tight lid, cup keeps drinks warm, even in very cold condi..


Helikon Wire Saw

Handy pocket-sized saw in the form of braided steel wire. Two o-rings serve as handles. Cuts wood, m..


Paracord Reel 3mm (100m)

Paracrod is incredibly useful, thanks to its low profile, and high strength.Manufactured by Kombat U..


Helikon-Tex Button Compass (Large)

When on the hostile ground, the proper navigation is a key when it comes to survival and evasion. Yo..