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Morakniv Axe & Knife Outdoor Kit

A first class allround knife with the profile ground blade that makes it perfect for working with yo..


Morakniv Basic 511

The solid finger guard optimizes safety and the new, larger-shaped handle makes the knife sit even b..


Morakniv Chisel

Morakniv Chisel is an easier and lighter version of a chisel. It is simple to keep in your belt for ..


Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty (Carbon)

If you need to hammer on the knife it needs to be very strong. We have thought this through with a t..


Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife

Morakniv's smallest ever blade! The blade is 2 mm thick and 59 mm long, or in this case, short. This..


Morakniv Garberg (Carbon)

It’s finally here: A Carbon steel Garberg. The carbon steel enables you to start your fire with flin..


Morakniv Garberg (Stainless)

The blade of the knife is 3.2 mm thick and made of high quality stainless steel, placed on one of th..


Morakniv knife Bushcraft Forest - Stainless Steel - Olive Green

Morakniv knife Bushcraft Forest - Stainless Steel - Olive Green Morakniv knife Bushcraft Forest - St..


Morakniv Precision

Morakniv Precision is a knife with a short, pointed blade, making it perfect for all types of precis..


Morakniv Pro C (Carbon)

Morakniv Pro C is an upgraded classic. It’s the faithful servant, Basic 511, with new improved featu..


Morakniv Safe (Carbon)

Morakniv Safe is a robust knife with a rounded safety tip that prevents stab wounds. This makes work..


Morakniv Wood Carving 162

This knife has a dubble-edged stainless steel blade so that you can use it for both pull and push ca..


Morakniv Wood Carving 163S

This hook knife has a double-edged blade. This knife has a somewhat wider radius of 25mm compared to..


Morakniv Wood Carving Junior

This knife has been specially created to suit younger talents who are curious about learning to carv..