Adapt X Universal Holster (Level 3)

Adapt X Universal Holster (Level 3)

The next evolution of the revolutionary ADAPT X design - Level 3 is here!

This edition of the ADAPT X holster features an extra level of retention, providing an additional trigger guard lock. Now when you're drawing your pistol there is a thumb release and a finger release. This helps cut down on any possibility of ND (negligent discharges), and ensures your pistol cannot be drawn by someone else whilst the holster is on your person.

Not only that, but the Level 3 holster includes two adapters to change the positioning of the holster. You still get the regular paddle, but there is an extension to allow it to sit below your hip; enjoy the more comfortable drawing angle. The other adapter allows the holster to sit out a bit further (for clearance)

Well perhaps not all, but certainly a lot! Notable exceptions are the likes of the Desert Eagle (although it will go in, the trigger guard is not going anywhere near it! 

Fit for the likes of SIG, Glock, Colt 1911, M&P series, FNX45, FNS9, M9, Taurus 24/7 etc all with a secure fit thanks to its clever design.

Easy to use, just slot the pistol in and tighten the screws...that's all!

The holster is ambidextrous, and can be angled for a smoother draw. The included paddle can be used with a belt, or just over the waistband...whichever is preferred. Of course, if you want to mount it to your vest, you can pick up the MOLLE attachment and stick it virtually anywhere.

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