Swiss Arms 1-Point Sling

Swiss Arms 1-Point Sling

 A sling is one of the best investments you can make for your gun - it keeps the gun safe, preventing it from falling, and affords you greater freedom with your replica. Good slings have high quality attachment points built to withstand impact, allowing you to drop your primary and switch to your secondary, or simply to drop the gun and go hands-free should you need to. The last thing you want is a poor quality sling that you cannot trust  you'll spend more time worrying about whether the gun is going to be alright. You are far better off spending the money, and having complete piece of mind. The only other choice is between what type of sling; bungee, single point, two point or 3 point. Single point slings (normally bungee type) are for fast transitions, whereas two and three point slings are there to assist with carrying the gun. Three-point slings are basically an improvement on the 2 point sling, as they allow greater manoeuvrability, and can function as a shooting aid.

This bungee 1 point sling from Swiss Arms attaches onto the rear of the gun offering a more stable shooting position, as well as aiding in the carrying of the gun. The straps are good and strong, allowing you to confidently drop the rifle safe in the knowledge that the sling will catch it, and when you go to transition back to the rifle it will be right where you expect it to be; no fumbling trying to get back into a firing position!

This particular sling is the black version.


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