Drop Leg Holster (Right Leg)

Drop Leg Holster (Right Leg)
 Holsters are at their core a place to keep your pistol in reach. There are many different types, built out of various materials to different specifications etc. Depending on your planned usage, you may want to go for a specific style, but first and foremost your gun of choice will have a big impact on the holster you choose.

This is a drop leg holster for your right leg, which places the pistol on your upper thigh. This tactical holster is perfect for quick-draw situations, and even better if you're left handed! What's great about this holster is its versatility - it is in essence a hip holster mounted onto a leg panel, so if you decide you want to wear your holser on your hip for a while, simply remove it from the panel and you can mount it horizontally or vertically on your hip.

It is suitable for a large range of pistols e.g. 1911, Glock, M9, PPQ, SIG P226/P229 etc. The holster is not designed for use with tac-lights and lasers mounted, so if you plan on using a pistol with torch etc mounted, it is recommended to go with the fully adjustable range.

Drop legs are the fastest draw holster available, however they are not the most stable. Considering your legs are one of the most commonly moving parts of your body, it is easy to see why. Wearing it is as high as possible on the leg solves much of the movement, however the trade-off of the fast draw is that the holster is going to move round on you. Hip holsters are a little slower to draw from, but are infinitely more stable. This package gives you both, making it perfect to find your feet.

Manufactured by Swiss Arms, this holster is secured to a standard trouser belt, and wraps around the left leg with a wide panel for increased grip, secured by a single strap. The strap has rubberised grip to help keep the holster as still as possible.

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